Chapter 2

Analysis of Banana Plant (Musa balbisiana Colla) Pseudo-Stem Juice

Dibakar Chandra Deka and Satya Ranjan Neog


Materials and methods for the extraction and analysis of banana plant pseudo-stem juice have been discussed. The pseudo-stem consists of nearly 95% juice and less than 5% fibers. The juice is quite rich in potassium and oxalate, moderately rich in sodium and chloride. In addition, nitrate, phosphate and a couple of heavy metals in trace concentrations have been detected. Two important bioactive organic molecules, namely (E)-4- (4-methoxyphenyl) but-3-en-2-one and (1E,4E)-1, 5-bis- 4-methoxyphenyl)penta-1,4-dien-3-one, have been isolated from the juice, and characterized.

Total Pages: 23-44 (22)

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