Chapter 15

Nutritional Applications of Nanotechnology in Poultry with Special References to Minerals

Mahmoud Alagawany, Sameh A. Abdelnour, Mayada R. Farag, Shaaban S. Elnesr and Mohamed S. El-Kholy


The prefix “Nano” comes from the Latin word “nanus”, which means “dwarf”. Nanotechnology can be defined as the manipulation of materials at the nanoscale as it deals with particles sized between 1-100 nm. Nanotechnology, can open up opportunities for improving feed particles' utilization to the benefit of livestock production. Nanotechnology can also act as new vehicle for nutrient delivery to improve the digestion and absorption pathway for better nutrient metabolism. Minerals administered in the nanoparticle form as feed additives can pass through the wall of intestinal cells and other body cells more speedily than ordinary minerals, thus boosting their bioavailability. Therefore, nanotechnology can be used in animal feed to improve production performance, nutrient bioavailability, and livestock's immune response after considering nanotechnology's social, economic, legal and ethical implications. In conclusion, nanotechnology applications can provide solutions for poultry and livestock production systems to enhance the final product quality.

Total Pages: 262-284 (23)

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