Chapter 8

Recent Developments in EDM and its Types

Anupam Thakur and Suneev Anil Bansal


Electric discharge machining has been the one of the advanced machining processes that deals with the machining of intricate and complex shapes on a workpiece considering various parameters like surface roughness and higher accuracy. A lot of research has been carried out in the EDM area for developing various models and selecting the best optimum condition for machining using conventional or wire EDM. Some results regarding submerged and dry EDM processing have also been discussed. Along with this, a recent development of smart EDM is also discussed for predicting the future capabilities of an EDM machine. In this article a light has being thrown on all the recent developments being done on the basis of machining capabilities, parameter, along with the characteristics of machining surface and various wire materials and the effect on the EDM wire during machining and the overall performance.

Total Pages: 120-132 (13)

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