Chapter 5

Innovations in Abrasive Machining

Anupam Thakur, Chander Prakash and Ramakant Rana


Abrasive Machining has been seen making a significant advancement in recent years. Localized erosion with intensification-based technology used in manufacturing is known as Abrasive jet machining. This paper emphasizes on the recent advances being done in the various parameters and innovative techniques like thermal assistance, completely or intermediate submerge conditions on jet used for machining etc. Advancement in AJM is also seen in certain areas like tribology. There are certain areas like micro machining and polishing of small micro channels which also harness its advantages. It is also found that a new way of machining has been developed using elastic erosion. Other than this, certain parameters like material of jet nozzle, its design criteria, particle size, and flow rate of jet used are reviewed too. large amount of micro machining and Composite material machining advancements has been witnessed using the Abrasive jet machining.

Total Pages: 71-87 (17)

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