Chapter 4

AWJM Process- A Review

Mamta, Sachin Mohal, Saurabh Chaitanya and Ankitmani Tripathi


Abrasive water jet machining (AWJM), non-conventional machining (NCM), has been improved radically, in terms of quality and reliability. AWJM is a widely used NCM process broadly established in technical application areas of machining tools, parts, microstructures or intricate products like Titanium Alloy, Alloy steel etc. It has become entrenched in every single significant region of theoretical researches and across the broad spectrum of applications. Applications include medical apparatuses, precision parts, efficient material, smart automotive manufacturing, aerospace equipment, renewable energy science etc. This paper audits the verifiable, most recent research improvements, incorporated uses of AWJM system and execution. The examination encourages the high assembling accuracy and balanced out execution quality with more noteworthy productivity. The benefits of AWJM incorporates the capacity to cut convoluted materials, difficult to cut surfaces, high flexibility, little cutting powers and ecologically safe. Additionally,the AWJM system’s limitations are highlighted too. AWJM is one of the exceptionally advanced system that have significant potential for micromachining.

Total Pages: 58-70 (13)

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