Chapter 18

The Biodiversity for Livelihood; Recognition Processes in India

Erach Bharucha


Biodiversity conservation is inevitably a requisite in our dynamic world. In a highly populous country like India, conservation of biodiversity and a strong communication, education and public awareness initiative is most essential for its sustenance. A strategy is required to have a deep understanding of our diverse biogeographic regions and locale specific traditions that are closely linked to bioresources. This requires an appreciation of the persons associated with the conservation of both natural and cultural diversity. For conservation of biodiversity to become a part of a people’s action program, there is a need for their efforts to be recognized and rewarded. This has led to creating awards for biodiversity conservation and/or sustainable use at the national level. To recognize and publicly acknowledge such contributions that have led to positive biodiversity conservation actions and societal equity of resource utilization, the Government of India has established the ‘India Biodiversity Awards’ which are informative and replicable at the international level.

Total Pages: 239-248 (10)

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