Chapter 4

Biodiversity and Sustainable Utilization of the Genus Garcinia L. (Clusiaceae) of The Western Ghats

P. S. Shameer, Lekshmi N. Menon, K. B. Rameshkumar and N. Mohanan


The Western Ghats, one of the biodiversity hot spots in India, is a major diversity centre of Garcinia species. The region harbors 11 Garcinia species, of which 9 are endemic. Most of the Garcinia species are economically important with wide utility in both traditional and industrial sectors. The present chapter assesses the distribution, taxonomy and conservation aspects of the Genus Garcinia of the Western Ghats. Sustainable utilization of Garcinia species through plant products such as condiments, gamboges, resins, essential oils and high value secondary metabolites has also been discussed in detail. The chapter highlights the importance of utility and conservation of plant wealth in the Western Ghats.

Total Pages: 37-53 (17)

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