Chapter 6

Hormones Management as Anticancer Treatment and Protection: Functions and Mechanism of Action

Meneerah Abdulrahman Aljafary, Sarah M. Asiri, Fadwa M. Alkhulaifi, Firdos Alam Khan and Ebtesam Abdullah Al-Suhaimi


The available therapy for cancers mostly revolves around chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery, but these treatment modalities are not satisfactorily treating the patients and are associated with various side effects, pain, immune reduction, trauma, and also induce drug resistance in some patients. Besides, these treatments do not treat the disease's origin but eliminate the tumor itself somewhat without confirmation of avoiding its metastasis. Therefore, there is a need to develop a new effective therapy to treat cancer patients successfully. Hormones naturally present in the human body for controlling various biological and physiological functions also possess potential capabilities to treat different types of cancers. Both preclinical and clinical data show that hormones include anticancer abilities, are controlled by hormonal managing. This chapter has discussed the cellular and molecular role of different types of hormones in treating various kinds of cancers and other pertinent topics related to their impact on stem cell functionality and cancer management.

Total Pages: 155-192 (38)

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