Chapter 3

Introducing the 188W/188Re and 144Ce/144Pr Plaques for Eye Cancers Brachytherapy

Mohammad Reza Rezaei and Fatemeh Hassanzadeh


Background: Plaque brachytherapy has been introduced as a treatment for ocular melanoma, an intraocular tumor, and is an available alternative to eye enucleation. Brachytherapy is one of the radiotherapy methods, which uses radioactive sources near or on the tumor.

Introduction: So far, various plaques have been used to treat eye tumors. The aim of this research is the development of radioactive material for brachytherapy plaques.

Method: In order to introduce and produce new brachytherapy plaques, all the isotopes of the periodic table of elements have been identified, and the mother and daughter of elements whose mother had long half-life beta decay and its daughter had a short halflife have been identified and the method of mother production has been examined.

Result: After reviewing, two new 188W/188Re and 144Ce/144Pr plaques have been selected for use in brachytherapy.

Conclusion: Each of the new plaques has a special advantage in comparison with old plaques. The 2D dose distribution of 188W/188Re and 144Ce/144Pr plaques in eye and tumor was obtained and was compared with old plaques.

Total Pages: 46-73 (28)

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