Chapter 12

Biomedical Waste: Safe Disposal and Recycling

V. Arun and B. Sathya Priya


Biomedical waste is generated due to human and research activities related to medical treatments for human health. The various wastes generated include solid, liquid, chemical forms, etc. and are of varied composition like drugs, solvents, body fluids, anatomical parts, food, etc. There is a sharp increase in the production of biomedical waste due to population explosion and other human activities. Hence there is a need to understand biomedical waste in its entirety to provide proper management to handle spillages, accidents, and other issues involving biomedical waste. This chapter explains the definition, types, hazards of biomedical wastes and its current management strategies along with various international treaties and policies regarding biomedical wastes.

Total Pages: 163-179 (17)

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