Chapter 5

Industrial Effluent Pollution-Impact of Papermill Effluent Irrigation and Solid Waste Application on Cultivated Soil

M. Suguna Devakumari


The paper mills are generating significant quantities of solid wastes and effluent. The scientific ways and means of recycling these solid wastes and effluent in an integrated, eco-friendly manner for agricultural purposes have been the main objective of the present investigation. In brief, in the present investigation, the possible options and potential for agro-cycling of the treated paper mill effluent coupled with the solid byproducts of the industry have been evaluated with special reference to Sugarcane [CO 86032]. The pH and EC of the soil were increased by 0.1 and 0.12 units due to continuous effluent irrigation. The organic carbon content and exchangeable sodium content also increased due to effluent irrigation and solid waste amendments.

Total Pages: 59-68 (10)

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