Chapter 24

Buruli Ulcer: Mycobacterium Ulcerans is the Causative Agent

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Munaza Gilani


Buruli ulcer also called Brainsdale ulcer is the chronic, debilitating subcutaneous destructive infection of the skin, soft tissue, and adipose tissue. Mycobacterium ulcerans is the causative agent of BU. The infection of BU is prevalent in many areas of the world. However, wetlands and tropic to sub-tropic areas are more prone. The disease can be diagnosed by expert physicians as it can be confused with the other skin infection.IS2404 PCR is mostly used for the diagnosis of BU. Antibiotics and surgery are frequently used for the treatment. Heat treatment has also been found effective for BU. The condition could lead to disabilities if not treated on time such as amputation of the vital organ i.e. eye or the limbs. The affected person may face the problem of social stigma and economic challenges as a consequence of these disabilities. No vaccines are available yet for BU. However, short-lived protection is obtained using the BCG vaccine. The disease is not fatal, however.

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