Chapter 6

Syphilis: A Disease Which Spreads Through Sexual Contact

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Rabia Hussain


Syphilis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterial strain named as Treponema pallidum and is spread through sexual contacts with the infected person, blood transfusion, and sharing of syringes with the infected person. The symptoms of this disease include an outgrowth on the skin, dizziness, skin rashes, irritation, and even stroke in severe cases. This disease is diagnosed both by using non-Treponema tests and by specific-Treponema tests. Culturing of the sample taken from the rash or outgrowth is also very helpful to diagnose the presence of infectious entities. It is a curable disease and is easily cured by a short term course of antibiotics. Another method to cure this disease is the use of penicillin injection after the regular interval of time. This chapter summarized the causing agent, symptoms, commonly used diagnostic tests and management strategies to cure this disease.

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