Chapter 14

The Recent Advancement in Rapid Golgi Method and Result Interpretation

Surya Prakash Pandey, Mallikarjuna Rao Gedda and Abhishek Pathak


The foundation knowledge of recent advancements of neuroscience was based on the Golgi staining observations. This is one of the best approaches to visualise the neuronal cytoarchitecture and complete morphology of neurons with incomparable clarity. This technique is based on the principle of heavy metal impregnation. There are many modifications and advancement occurred to improve the visualization. This chapter will provide the recently used protocols to visuals the neuronal architecture, dendritic arborization and spine density in different brain regions. Along with the manual observation, the present chapter also describes the currently used tools and software for the better understanding and visualisation of neurons.

Total Pages: 146-152 (7)

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