Chapter 4

IoT Based Energy Conservation of A Smart Home

Somya Goyal* and Sudhir K. Sharma


Smart home is one of the most attractive application of Industry 4.0. This work proposes a smart system to conserve energy in smart home implementation using wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The proposed work is aimed to lessen the immaterial consumption of electricity in a smart home. The home is supplied with Arduino, sensors, and connected WSN. The model observes the movement within the house premises and controls the power cutoff decided by the control center connected via WSNs. To detect the motion, passive infrared (PIR) sensors are deployed. As the PIR sensor detects the motion into the room, the lights are automatically turned on and then, if no motion is observed after a threshold time, the lights are automatically switched off. In this manner, the wastage of electricity can be controlled. Experimental results show that the consumption of power can be decreased by at the rate of 40% with the proposed model in comparison to the situation in absence of any such smart control. The validation of proposed model shows that the proposed system is feasible, effective, and not so expensive to implement.

Total Pages: 65-84 (20)

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