Chapter 6

Artificial Intelligence Played an Active Role in the COVID-19 Epidemic in China

Shigao Huang*, Jie Yang, Xianxian Liu, Simon Fong and Qi Zhao


This perspective aims to summarize the COVID-19 experience of the Chinese people, which included psychological assistance and open datasets. We hope that countries across the world can utilize the lessons learned and tools developed by China in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and share their fighting experience in academic publication freely so the world can solve this crisis. This perspective focuses on psychological assistance and open datasets in China's COVID-19 pandemic; they played an important role in fighting with COVID-19 and acquired major contributions to calm people in the restless environment. We hope other countries can absorb the quintessence from this experience and utilize their situation to prevent and protect citizens from being infected and get rid of sequela in the COVID-19 epidemic.

Total Pages: 82-85 (4)

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