Chapter 2

Alternative or Auxiliary: Artificial Intelligence Accelerates the Development and Transformation of the Medical Care

Jie Yang*, Quanyi Hu, Rui Tang, Han Wang, Kairong Duan, Feng Wu and Simon Fong


The application of artificial intelligence has been in full swing in all walks of life, especially in the medical field, which has been favored and achieved remarkable results. This paper explores its application and development prospects by analyzing the fundamental principle of AI and its application in the medical-relevant industry and discusses its role in the medical field, which is more an aid than a substitute. Meanwhile, the application of AI in medical care is relatively lagging behind and has a lot of room for development compared with other fields. AI technology should be applied to the medical field in a targeted manner to deal with bottlenecks and exert greater potential and value.

Total Pages: 16-31 (16)

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