Chapter 6

Clinical Milestones in Nanotherapeutics: Current Status and Future Prospects

Ravi Goyal, Rupinder K. Sodhi* and Jitender Madan


An aging population and poor clinical solutions for several diseases have propelled the rapid emergence of nanotherapeutics. Advanced drug delivery has turned out to be an important aspect of the medical field. A targeted delivery system transports the drug to the place of action hence, minimizing its adverse side effects on other vital tissues. Cell-specific targeting can be achieved by coupling drugs to specially framed carriers. Various nanoparticles, including solid lipid nanoparticles, nanosuspensions, nanoliposomes, micelles, polymeric nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, dendrimers, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes have been developed as carriers in drug delivery systems. In this chapter, the aforementioned nanocarriers and their clinical milestones achieved in various arenas including cancer, CNS disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, cardiac diseases, ocular drug delivery, and vaccines so far, are scrutinized. This chapter outlines the current status of pharmacological and clinical studies of nanoparticles in the development process.

Total Pages: 194-245 (52)

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