Chapter 12

Performance of Higher Education in India

K. Chakrapati*


Education is the most powerful weapon to change the social, economic, and cultural, backwardness. Particularly higher education with research and development drives the country towards a good economic position in all aspects. India occupies the second position regarding the highest populated countries in the world. At the same time, India also enjoys the advantage of demographic dividend occupying the top place with respect to the youth population. Keeping pace with the global developments, if effective measures are implemented in the field of education, India’s manpower can be transformed into quality human resources. As a developing country, India has been prioritizing universalization of education, resulting in its horizontal growth. Now India should also focus on vertical growth with skill-oriented education especially at higher levels. India is the second-highest population country but first place in the younger (youth) generation. This paper mainly focuses on the overall performance of the higher education system in India. It also identifies required solutions and plans to be used for the improvement of quality in higher education in India.

Total Pages: 128-133 (6)

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