Chapter 10

Impact of Globalization on Higher Education-A Comparative Study Between Public and Private Universities

M.R. Jyothifrederick*


Today, higher education is no more constrained by geographical boundaries. Innovative forms of translocation and transnational education have become a possibility. In India, higher education reforms are emerging in isolated niches in higher education institutions. Globalization has been attracting considerable attention from higher education institutions both in government and private sectors and discussed at national seminars and conferences. The main aim of this study was to find the impact of globalization on higher education. The data is collected from the faculty members of Public and Private Universities and comparative analysis has been done between these two groups. Perceptive score differences were observed between the teaching faculty of GITAM university and Andhra University on the impact of globalization on higher education. Significant differences were found in innovations, quality measures, external exposure, and policy measures. It is also observed that the services of GITAM University are more satisfactory than Andhra University. Whereas the faculty members of Andhra University felt more satisfaction than GITAM University in faculty-related quality measures, external exposure, and policy matters.

Total Pages: 98-114 (17)

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