Chapter 8

Importance of Professional Life Skills

K. Suryachandra Rao*


In the present-day world, possessing a set of skills is the most important thing to get a suitable job. A set of basic rules that are acquired through everyday work experience is termed professional life skills. These skills enable people to deal with different issues, tasks and challenges effectively, which one faces daily. One needs them to survive in the world for livelihood. In short, any skill which is used to deal with problems in life can be considered a life skill. Life skills are not only essential but also important as these bring success and wealth in the life of an individual. In this 21st century, all these skills are essential to keep individuals ahead of others in this competitive world. Those skills are useful not only for a healthy society but also for successful individuals. Working in teams, communication, problem-solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organization, self-awareness, positive attitude, and technology skill are also considered professional life skills. The skill of adaptability is crucial for survival and enables humans to transform themselves to fit into the environment. Problem-solving is a primary skill, which can contribute to one’s professional success.

Total Pages: 67-79 (13)

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