Chapter 2

Drought and its Effects on Crop Physiology

Samiksha, Sandeep Kaur, Drishtant Singh, Satwinderjeet Kaur and Satwinder Kaur Sohal*


During natural conditions, plants undergo a series of biogenic stressors that are devastating to plant growth. Among these, drought stress is the most common, which alters molecular and morphological parameters in plants and thus has detrimental effects due to environmental injury and physico-chemical disturbances. These have led to the development of technologies that increase the quality and sustainability of crops under deteriorating soil, declining natural resources, and environmental stress. Effective agronomic and genetic methods for crop protection provide best management practices to combat drought conditions. This chapter aims to contribute to the development of approaches for sustainable agricultural management practices suitable for crop production during drought stress.

Total Pages: 20-39 (20)

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