Chapter 31

Telemedicine in Hepatology, is it Time to Move Forward?

Ion Rogoveanu and Bogdan Silviu Ungureanu


Telemedicine has been suggested as a potential alternative for specific medical situations and has even been embedded in some countries in their medical systems. Due to current time challenges, its involvement might be embraced more rapidly, since medical consultations have become difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient’s access to medical care might be hampered, thus, telemedicine might offer new opportunities for both the medical system as well as patients. Healthcare technology is under continuous evolution and the medical care is taking part not only with specific therapeutic medical devices, but also with remote medical information and monitoring. Patients suffering from chronic liver disease require personalized management plans according to their clinical and biological disease evolution, thus new alternatives should be considered for isolated locations. This may help us fight new global challenges that may surface in the years to come. In this review, we have discussed the current status of telemedicine and its implementation for the various liver diseases over the years.

Total Pages: 274-287 (14)

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