Chapter 3

Liposomes: The New Developments in Topical Drug Delivery

Gajanand Sharma, Kanika Thakur, Nitika Dehal, Akanksha Mahajan, Kaisar Raza and O.P. Katare*


Liposomes are spherical vesicular systems composed of lipid bilayers. Among the various novel drug delivery systems, it has been found that the liposomes follow an advanced technology for the delivery of drugs to the target site. In the present era, there are various liposomal formulations which are in clinical use. Due to the extensive efforts of the researchers, there has been tremendous progress in liposomal technology, i.e., from, conventional vesicles to the 2nd generation liposomes. The current review article deals with the materials involved in the preparation of liposomes, techniques for preparation, characterization studies and application of liposomes for drug delivery.

Total Pages: 100-141 (42)

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