Chapter 7

Cardiovascular Disease, Myocarditis, Infarctions, And COVID-19

Ozgur Karcioglu , Selman Yeniocak and Mandana Hosseinzadeh


In the last centuries, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have been the prominent cause of health impairment worldwide. Starting with the COVID-19 outbreak, which has become the predominant health issue all over the world since December 2019, this phenomenon has to be reassessed in many aspects. In a given patient, CVD results in a more serious clinical course of COVID-19 and a boosted risk of death. Additionally, both CVD and COVID-19 cause myocardial damage, which increases morbidity and mortality with a synergistic effect. It is also clear that cardiac patients (i.e., CVD and others) are deprived of the usual healthcare services they receive due to the overcrowdedness and shift of hospital and pre-hospital medical services in the COVID19 era. As we can contemplate that pandemics will not disappear quickly anytime soon, the health system will have to be reorganized completely. The purpose of this article is to reveal and seek solutions to the relationship between pandemics and heart disease and their impact on ordinary healthcare, along with CVD, myocardial damage, and other diseases caused by COVID-19.

Total Pages: 115-142 (28)

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