Chapter 1

Root Vegetables as a Source of Biologically Active Agents - Lesson from Soil

Dejan S. Stojkovic, Marija S. Smiljkovic, Marina Z. Kostic and Marina D. Sokovic


Natural products and primary and secondary metabolites of plants have many biological functions, many of which are considered as health-beneficial for mankind. This chapter will focus on biologically active ingredients in widely consumed root vegetables, such as potato, celeriac, turnips, radish, beets, Hamburg parsley, taro, yam, parsnip and salsify. A recent update of studies is presented regarding underground parts of the mentioned vegetables – plant underground parts. Chemical constituents responsible for such biological activities, with focus on recent findings for each root vegetable separately are presented.

Total Pages: 1-39 (39)

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.Foods for Special Dietary Regimens.
.Advances in Meat Processing Technologies.
.Food Additives and Human Health.
.Application of Alternative Food-Preservation Technologies to Enhance Food Safety and Stability.
.An Introduction to Plant Immunity.
.Environmental Stress Physiology of Plants and Crop Productivity.
.Advances in Legume Research: Physiological Responses and Genetic Improvement for Stress Resistance.
.Heat Stress In Food Grain Crops: Plant Breeding and Omics Research.