Chapter 3

Stochastic Differential Equation Based Formulation for Multiple Software Release Considering Fault Detection and Correction Process

Adarsh Anand, Deepika, Ompal Singh and Parmod K. Kapur


Fault detection and correction are two different and yet important activities for software developers. They both should go hand in hand for a good debugging process. The two concepts have been mathematically studied in depth and a lot seems to be in the pipeline. In the present framework, we have developed some software reliability growth models (SRGMs) that inculcate the concept of software in multi versions. The methodical approach of stochastic differential equation has been used to model the scenario that unifiedly takes care of fault detection and correction process. The proposed models are validated on Tandem data set that comprises of four successive software releases and the results obtained and authenticated by weighted criteria technique are promising.

Total Pages: 53-71 (19)

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