Chapter 5

The Source of Energy of the Nucleus in Eukaryotic Cell is Molecular Hydrogen and High Energy Electrons

Arturo Solís Herrera, Arias Esparza, María del Carmen, Solís Arias Ruth I, Solís Arias Paola E and Solís Arias Martha P


Until today it is a widely disseminated belief that the main source of energy of eukaryotic cell is ATP. Those means that the daily intake of food is transformed into phosphate´s compounds of high energy as ATP and GTP. Supposedly this metabolic pathway is enough for 95% of our energy´s needs. However, our work about the three main causes of blindness in Mexico, taught us an astonishing fact: 99% of the energy of human retina comes from water. Furthermore, the explanation is amazing: human body has a photo-system composed by light-melanin-water (in order of abundance in the universe) with the extraordinary capacity of uses water as source of electrons.

Total Pages: 110-121 (12)

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