Chapter 7

Internally Displaced Persons: A Vulnerable Group in Need of Protection

Cristina Churruca Muguruza and Patricia García Amado


The chapter highlights the situation of IDPs as a vulnerable group and the limits of humanitarian action in preventing and resolving displacement. Given the increasing number of IDPs in the world and the protracted nature of displacement there is a need to address the gaps that continue to limit their protection. In this context the search for durable solutions to internal displacement is understood as a complex process addressing human rights, humanitarian, development, reconstruction, and peacebuilding challenges. In this context, when the state is unable or unwilling to fulfill its responsibility to protect, the role of the international community is critical. Moreover, durable solutions require a human security approach that builds on the efforts and capabilities of IDPs. In order to put an end to internal displacement, it is necessary for professionals and academics to better understand the precise impact of the idea of sovereignty as responsibility and the rights-based protection approach on current international politics.

Total Pages: 145-162 (18)

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