Chapter 11

Tracheal And Bronchial Stenosis: Etiologies, Bronchoscopic Interventions and Outcomes

Benjamin Young, Sonali Sethi, Thomas R. Gildea and Michael Machuzak


Central airway obstruction can arise from a variety of disease processes, both benign and malignant in etiology, and result in significant morbidity and mortality to the patient. Both surgical and endoscopic techniques can be used to successfully manage central airway obstruction. The decision regarding how to approach each patient should be based on their own unique anatomic and physiologic considerations. In this chapter, we will discuss the etiologies of tracheal and bronchial stenosis, the physiologic effects of central airway stenosis, and the various bronchoscopic techniques that can be applied to manage central airway obstruction.

Total Pages: 176-195 (20)

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