Chapter 9

Corrosion – Resistant Cast Steels

Jan Głownia


Cast steels are chemically unstable in air-saturated water and other solutions at ambient temperatures. Their commercial applications therefore depend on protective mechanisms: passivation and formation of thin oxide films, prevention of passivity breakdown, cathodic protection, coatings, control of chemical composition and microstructure, along with their service conditions (stress, fatigue, voids and erosioncorrosion). The corrosion of steel castings is usually considered as a problem involving chemical (carbon content, alloying), microstructure (austenite, ferrite-austenite) and quality (non-metallic inclusions, gases, segregation, grain size) parameters. In this chapter, some topics concerning the manufacturing of corrosion-resistant steel castings are considered.

Total Pages: 192-218 (27)

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