Chapter 15

Scleral Lens Patient Recruitment

Damon J. Ezekiel


The establishment of a specialty scleral lens practice can be a timeconsuming but worthwhile process. The practice can be both financially and personally rewarding. Expending the necessary resources to develop the practice can result in a loyal and long-term patient base. According to some specialist practitioners, they attract patients who have consulted numerous other eye care practitioners with little success. Once these patients realize the quality of life improvement that can be achieved with properly fit scleral lenses, they become patients for life who recommend the practice to others. By making the patient a top priority, business will be successful. Patients wearing specialized contact lenses will return on an annual basis and refer their family and friends. Successful practitioners are very talented at building value into every aspect of their practice and therefore building a contact lens specialty niche. In order to continue to grow the practice, an investment in advertising and networking can aid in referrals. Staying up to date with scleral lens and equipment technology can streamline the scleral lens fitting process, thus saving time for the practitioner and patient. Establishing relationships with contact lens laboratories is critical to a thriving scleral lens practice.

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