Chapter 4

Chitosan and its Derivatives: Synthesis Strategy and Applications

Tecia V. Carvalho, Raphaela V. Barreto, Alysson L. Angelim, Samantha Pinheiro Costa, Walderly M. Bezerra, Francisco E. A. Melo, Afrânio A. Craveiro, Gloria Maria Marinho da Silva Sampaio, Gilberto Dantas Saraiva, Vicente de Oliveira Sousa Neto, Vania M.M. Melo and Ronaldo Ferreira do Nascimento


This chapter provides a recent description of chemical synthesis, encapsulation of chitosan microspheres and the incorporation of microorganisms involving technological advances to bioremediation of inorganic and organic environmental pollutants as well as their antimicrobial activity. In addition, the potential of chitosan and their derivatives in the bioremediation of water polluted by oil spills, heavy metals, dyes, phenols and pesticides is explored.

Total Pages: 121-174 (54)

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.Advances in Organic Synthesis.