Chapter 3

Syntheses of FDA Approved Integrase Inhibitor HIV Drugs and Improved Manufacturing using Flow Processing

Omobolanle Janet Jesumoroti, Faith Akwi and Paul Watts


A number of new antiviral drugs have made HIV/AIDS a manageable disease by the introduction of integrase strand transfer inhibitors. One of the major concerns is the accessibility of these drugs in lower income countries. Thus, adequate supplies and cost effective syntheses of these drugs via flow technology are of great importance. Presently, there are four integrase strand transfer inhibitors approved by FDA. This chapter will focus on the published synthesis of currently FDA approved integrase inhibitor drugs and other HIV drugs developed through flow technology. Thus hoping that such a review could be useful to scientists and academia desiring a greater understanding of HIV integrase drug development at reduced cost and could serve as a context for further research and possible collaboration with the industry.

Total Pages: 61-104 (44)

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