Chapter 5

The Electromagnetic Vibration: Physical Principles and Biomolecular Effects

Livio Giuliani, Elisabetta Giuliani, Manuela Lucarelli and Raoul Saggini


Life on Earth has evolved in a sea of natural electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic waves show a biological interaction with living matter, even when they are so weak (as in the case of the so-called long radio waves, which have frequencies lower than 80 kHz) to have non-thermal effects, which seem to be both negative and positive, depending on the frequency and on the coupling with the geomagnetic field. Many studies report that exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields affects cellular and systemic function and metabolism, with risk for malignancy and pharmacological effects. Hence, the employment of low-frequency electromagnetic fields – especially pulsed electromagnetic fields – seems to be promising, having potential applications in biomedical engineering, biotechnology, biology, oncology, and regenerative medicine.

Total Pages: 220-242 (23)

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