Chapter 3

Chitosan Nanofibers

Eduardo H. Tanabe, Daliomar L. de O. Júnior, Guilherme L. Dotto and Daniel A. Bertuol


Chitosan is a natural polymer produced from the chitin deacetylation. Chitosan has good biocompatibility, biodegradability, antimicrobial activity, wound healing property and antitumor effect. In recent years, chitosan nanofibers have become interesting, due to amazing characteristics such as, large surface area to volume ratio and high porosity with very small pore size. It can be readily produced using different methods. These nanofibers can be promising for many applications including filtration, removal of metals, drug-delivery, wound dressing, cell culture, tissue engineering, cosmetic, gas sensing and catalysis. The chapter will address diverse types of nanofibers produced from chitosan, their derivatives, and blends with several polymers.

Total Pages: 49-77 (29)

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