Chapter 1

State of the Art on Water Savings in Buildings in Brazil: A Literature Review

Andrea Teston, Barbara Müller Colasio and Enedir Ghisi


Water savings in buildings has become a matter of concern due to water demand increase in cities and to problems with water quality and availability. This chapter presents the state of the art on water savings in buildings in Brazil. Journal and conference papers, reports and theses published from 2003 to 2016 were reviewed. First, in order to show the main shortage problems faced by Brazilian people, the national panorama of water resources is shown. Then, papers about the use of rainwater, water quality, potential for potable water savings, investment feasibility analysis, greywater reuse and water-efficient appliances are also addressed. Water enduses in buildings, environmental education, and national water savings support programmes are also presented. It was observed that there is a high potential for potable water savings in buildings by using rainwater for non-potable purposes in Brazil.

Total Pages: 1-61 (61)

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