Chapter 3

University Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Assistance Programs: Collaborations with Industry, Government and Academia

Matthew J. Franchetti


Since the mid-1990’s collaboration between the local government, industry, and academia was established to offer zero cost energy and waste assessments to businesses and organizations that operate in Lucas County, Ohio, USA. The research project, named the Business Waste Reduction Assistance Program (BWRAP) has performed over 85 solid waste assessments and identified over 125,000 short tons of waste for reduction. In addition to the waste reduction, the BWRAP program has also identified over $3.5 million in cost savings through the implementation of the recommendations. This chapter provides an overview of the BWRAP program including its framework and a comparison to similar collaborations in the US. A case study is also provided.

Total Pages: 50-59 (10)

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