Chapter 16

The Future: Curriculum Change

Tommy Boone


Is it realistic that academic exercise physiologists teach anatomy in the exercise physiology curriculum? If so, is it necessary that they studied anatomy in their doctorate program? If they did not study anatomy and/or dissect cadavers, is it reasonable to expect them to know anatomy? If it is not reasonable, then, should the exercise physiology doctorate curriculum change to better educate the students of the 21st century? After all, exercise physiologists are healthcare professionals and, therefore, they must have the opportunity to study and dissect cadavers in the same way that other healthcare professionals have. The power of anatomy in identifying the right and the wrong way to lift weights, to increase range of motion, and to develop the motor aspects of physical skills is testament to its importance. This requires exercise physiology educators to take seriously the learning of anatomy as a dynamic basis for solving health and athletic problems.

Total Pages: 187-193 (7)

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