Chapter 10

Common Stretching Mistakes

Tommy Boone


Just as the lack of flexibility can lead to muscle and joint injuries and posture issues that influence athletics, health, and wellness, engaging in the common stretching mistakes is a waste of time and a failure to train for an increase in range of motion. It is important to avoid flexibility exercises that are useless. Avoid those that increase the risk of injury, especially the dangerous exercises with questionable value. Only good stretching exercises should be performed by athletes and others. At no time should the joints and muscles be forced into a stretched position. It is always better to engage in a brief, light form of aerobic exercise such as walking or jogging just prior to a commitment to stretching. Also, it is important to recognize the discomfort associated with flexibility training by not over-stretching. When engaged in flexibility training, remember to breathe, to stretch regularly, and to avoid the stretching mistakes.

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