Chapter 3

Modifications in Conventional Tablet Compaction Technologies for Developing Fast Dissolving/ Disintegrating Tablets

Vikas A. Saharan


Fast dissolving/disintegrating tablets (FDTs) can be manufactured by direct compression provided the challenge of fast disintegration with adequate mechanical strengths can be addressed. Superdisintegrants, directly compressible coprocessed excipients and water soluble excipients have opened up the flood gates of opportunities in designing and developing FDTs by direct compression. Unacceptable properties of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), like poor solubility, bitter taste, low bioavailability, may be addressed by making granules, micro-particulates and/or using various coating methods. Such treated API can be used in preparing FDTs. Effervescent agents have also gained attention as disintegrating agents in tablets so as to fasten tablet disintegration time to achieve pharmacopoeial or regulatory compliance for disintegration time. This chapter describes various FDT technologies based on modifications of conventional tablet manufacturing methods. These techniques can be grouped into four categories, viz. direction compression, granulation methods, effervescent tablets and direct compression with subsequent treatments.

Total Pages: 41-98 (58)

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