Chapter 2

Freeze Drying Technologies for Developing Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Tablets

Vikas A. Saharan


Highly porous nature of freeze dried materials and their ability to retain shape and volume have motivated pharmaceutical scientists to explore application of freeze drying in manufacturing fast dissolving/disintegrating tablets (FDTs). The process of manufacturing lyophilised tablets as FDTs is extensively proprietary and patented. Zydis®, Lyoc®, QuickSolv® and NanoCrystal® NanomeltTM technologies have been successful in developing drug products and obtaining regulatory clearances from drug regulatory agencies for their marketing authorisations. This chapter aims to discuss formulation, processing and manufacturing aspects of FDTs prepared by freeze drying and also provides an overview on some of these patented FDT technologies.

Total Pages: 19-40 (22)

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