Chapter 1

Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Dosage Forms: Introducing through Development, Market, Pharmacopoeial and Regulatory Status

Vikas A. Saharan, Anupama Singh and Vandana Kharb


Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Dosage Forms (FDDFs) have emerged as alternate dosage forms for patients who cannot swallow or who should not swallow or who refuse to swallow conventional tablets/capsules and liquid formulations. FDDFs include Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Tablets (FDTs), Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Oral Films (FDOFs), Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Capsules (FDCs), Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Pellets (FDPs), etc. These dosage forms dissolve/disintegrate quickly, when placed on tongue, resulting in solution/suspension, which can be swallowed easily and hence do not require water for their oral ingestion. This chapter introduces FDDFs rationale, their brief history, regulatory/pharmacopoeial aspects, advantages/disadvantages and their market potential.

Total Pages: 3-18 (16)

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