Chapter 5


Tamara Pobocik


Osteoporosis is a silent destructor of bone. King, Clarke and Sandhu (2014) reported that as many as 10 million Americans have osteoporosis and this number will increase by 50% by 2025. This disease is not gender selective; however, women are the prevalent gender affected. Many do not consider this a problem; because one cannot observe the bone destruction until this disease progresses into advanced stages. Bringing forward information to both genders is an important preventer of this silent, but painful condition. Imagine presenting with a bone or spinal fracture that is not associated with any trauma or injury. This is a typical presentation for a person who has osteoporosis. Pain then becomes the driver of stopping the progression of this disease. As many times after a fracture, a person must deal with the acute pain of the fracture and then has the potential to become chronic pain for many individuals. Knowledge and prevention are the key factors to this devastating disease.

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