Chapter 3

A Brief Review on Anode Materials and Reactions Mechanism in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Caroline Gomes Moura, João Paulo de Freitas Grilo, Rubens Maribondo do Nascimento and Daniel Araújo de Macedo


This chapter presents a state-of-art brief review on anode materials for SOFC. Materials, processing and synthesis routes to attain porous anodes are highlighted. Especial attention is given to Ni-ceramic phase (especially fluorite-type structure ceramics) cermets. Some aspects about prospects and problems of the currently developed electrodes materials are elucidated. Electrodes for intermediate temperature SOFCs (IT-SOFCs) are discussed in relation to other conventional electrodes. The electrochemical characterization of anodes, as mixed ionic-electronic conductors, is briefly outlined.

Total Pages: 26-41 (16)

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