Chapter 14

Spreading & Sharing is a Common Outcome of a Physical Function Levelling Down Available Energy

Alberto Gianinetti


Entropy has been defined as a probabilistic function of energy spreading and sharing, and most often this description provides a straightforward way to conceptualize entropy. It is shown that, more in general, the spreading and sharing of energy is a common outcome of a physical function levelling down available energy. The latter, as formulated by a mathematical term called the “Boltzmann factor”, originates from the equilibration of forces at the microscopic level and is effected by the net levelling force that results as statistical outcome of all the microscopic forces and that always pushes the system towards the dynamic equilibrium. This net levelling force is the rationale for which work can be done at a macroscopic level, and its derivation from the microscopic world explains why it is linked to equilibration and therefore to entropy increase.

Total Pages: 107-111 (5)

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