Chapter 1

Computed Tomography in Heart Failure

Ioannis A. Chryssogonidis, Iokasti E. Gkogkou and Christos A. Papadopoulos


Multidetector computed tomography is an imaging modality which constantly gains ground in the field of cardiovascular imaging. Accurate imaging of coronary arteries, cardiac structure and function, pulmonary and cardiac venous anatomy can be explored with this non-invasive, easily reproducible technique, providing valuable information in the diagnosis and management of patients with heart failure. Computed tomography can support invasive techniques used in patients with heart failure, as in cardiac resynchronization and ablation for atrial fibrillation, with all necessary anatomic data, increasing the safety and efficacy of the procedures. In addition, patients after heart transplantation can be evaluated with multidetector computed tomography, avoiding more invasive procedures.

Total Pages: 3-25 (23)

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