Chapter 5

Optimization of Geometric Parameters and Reversing Design Methodology of Investment

Yangqing Dou, Yangliu Dou, Kun Bu and Yiwei Dong


With the continual development of the aircraft industry, aircraft engines have provoked people’s attention more and more. The turbine blade plays a vital and critical component of aircraft engines. In order to conform to the dimensional tolerances of wax pattern die-profile for turbine blade in investment casting process, this chapter provides an optimization method of geometric parameter for turbine blades based on inverse adjustment. The geometric parameters for optimizing were extracted, and the bending and torsional deformation can be compensation. Therefore the nonlinear deformation compensation during solidification and cooling procedure can be efficiently realized. This method set the theoretical foundation on optimization method of die-cavity for turbine blade. The die-profile optimization system which was developed in this paper proves better effect for the die-cavity design. This chapter also offers a reverse design methodology for investment die casting using ProCAST. In industry, the performance of the engine depends not only on shape, but also on the dimensions of the components. This process is difficult as super-alloy blade material cannot be easily machined. However investment casting is an ideal process for such net - shape components, but it still requires an accurate determination of the casting-die profile. In order to investigate and analyze the methods that affect the shape and dimensions of the turbine blade most, similar simulations have been conducted by ProCAST. By combining the methods of simplifying grid files and quick sorting, the efficiency of sorting and matching can be largely improved. Furthermore, the mold die cavity anti-deformation system can be easily built by utilizing that reverse design methodology. The optimized die profile for investment casting can be established with ProCAST.

Total Pages: 240-268 (29)

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