Chapter 4

Stone Fruits as a Source of Bioactive Compounds

Juliana Vinholes, Daniel Pens Gelain and Marcia Vizzotto


Fruits constitute one of the most important sources of phytochemicals in human diet. Stone fruits, such as peaches, plums, almonds, apricots and cherries have been investigated concerning their therapeutic effects in the prevention of a range of diseases. The consumption of these fruits is related with the lower prevalence of diabetes, overweight or general obesity, lower risk for estrogen receptor-negative tumors and cardiovascular protection among others. Phenolic compounds, predominantly flavonoids and phenolic acids, are the main phytochemicals in stone fruits. Considering the importance of stone fruits as a source of biologically active compounds the present chapter aims to provide the current findings in this field and the main implications to human health associated with its consumption.

Total Pages: 110-142 (33)

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