Chapter 8

Structure-Activity Studies on Arylamides and Arysulfonamides Ras Inhibitors

Sonia Colombo, Alessandro Palmioli, Cristina Airoldi, Renata Tisi, Sonia Fantinato, Sandro Olivieri, Luca De Gioia, Enzo Martegani and Francesco Peri


This paper reports on the synthesis of a panel of small molecules with arylamides and arylsulfonamides groups and their biological activity in inhibiting nucleotide exchange on human Ras. The design of these molecules was guided by structure-activity data previously collected on similar compounds. Aim of this work is the validation of the hypothesis that a phenyl hydroxylamine group linked to a second aromatic moiety generates a pharmacophore capable to interact with Ras and to inhibit its activation. In vitro experiments on purified human Ras clearly show that the presence of an aromatic hydroxylamine and a sulfonamide group in the same molecule is necessary to Ras binding and nucleotide exchange inhibition. The inhibitor potency is lower in molecules in which either the hydroxylamine has been replaced by other functional groups or the sulfonamide has been replaced by an amide. In this case both these moieties, the hydroxylamine and sulfonamide are absent, inactive compounds are obtained.

Total Pages: 245-264 (20)

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